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Addiction Treatment Services

Complimentary Consultation

Receive a complimentary consultation with one of our addiction specialists. They will listen to your current setback and provide some quality options that are available to you based on your individual needs!

Financial Counseling

Private addiction treatment is not free, but it doesn't take a while for us to try to make it more affordable for you. If you have private health insurance the costs can be close to free. There is also low cost financing options available!

Addiction Treatment Placement

If we can help you and you want the help, we will locate and put you in touch with a trusted, top-rated addiction treatment center that can customize a treatment plan based on your individual needs! 

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Over 25,000 People Helped!

In the last 5 months, we have helped over 25,000 people find the information needed to make a choice on whether or not to pursue addiction treatment! 

  • Some people call for direction because they do not know who to turn to.
  • Some people call for techniques on how to convince loved ones to go to treatment.
  • Some people call because they are looking for a specific kind of addiction treatment program. 
  • Some people call because they want treatment today

We would be honored if you chose us to help you as well! Give us a call 24/7 if you need help and we will try to point you in the right direction!

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Is A Loved One Addicted? Here Is How To Help.

Is A Loved One Addicted? Here Is What To Do And How To Help. Many people believe that addiction only affects the person who is addicted, however this line of thinking is not even close to being accurate. Many who are addicted are not truly affected by it because they do not believe that they have a problem and the emotional pain and suffering is experienced by the addicts love [...]

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Private Rehab Benefits

Why a Growing Number Seek Drug and Alcohol Recovery from Private Rehab Facilities? It is no secret that alcohol and drug addiction can destroy someone’s life. It does not merely affect the user him- or herself, but also involves the user’s family, friends and loved ones in a spiral of loss, confusion and pain. More often than not, there is no happy ending unless the user d [...]

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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction varies by person depending on the type of drug, length of use and other environmental and physical factors. The first step to recovery is accepting that you have a problem and willingness to change. If you feel like your life is being severely affected by your drug addiction, such as: 1) Your drug use has caused problems in your relationships. 2) You have sto [...]

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About Alcoholism

Alcoholism affects everyone differently. The first step to recovery is accepting that you have a problem and willingness to change. In today’s society alcoholism has even become accepted, but with this acceptance comes severe costs. If you feel like your life is being severely affected by your drinking, such as: 1) Your life revolves around drinking. 2) Your loved ones [...]

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